Sahacogen signed MOU and became partner with Principal Healthcare in Solar Rooftop project, moving towards sustainable business and aiming to reduce carbon emissions from electricity for more than 1500 tons per year

Sahacogen (Chonburi) Public Company Limited signed MOU and became partner with PRINCIPAL HEALTHCARE COMPANY LIMITED under the Solar Rooftop Project, the Private PPA (Private Power Purchase Agreement), to support the investment of clean energy together. The project is to promote a campaign to reduce greenhouse gas emission which is a part of their environmental business policies as well as to create sustainable growth for both community and society. This plan is also considered a part of further development project, the new hospitals of ‘Principal Healthcare’ group, which will be expanded to cover nationwide in 2023.

Mr.Udompong Chuntharumporn, Managing Director of Sahacogen (Chonburi) Public Company Limited, revealed as Vice President of Sahacogen (Chonburi) Public Company Limited that, “This signing of MOU is a breakthrough in continuing our collaboration with Principal Healthcare Group, a business partner who specialises in healthcare and is highly experienced in managing private hospitals. Ratch Group, as a parent company of Sahacogen, have brought together the expertise to continuously drive the sustainable development in business operations and increase the use of renewable and clean energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  This project is a starting point for Sahacogen’s business expansion as Ratch Group has designated this investment in micro-renewable energy as a flagship to reach the goal of increasing the installed capacity, according to the investment proportion, to 400 megawatts by 2027.

Dr. Satit Wittayakorn, Managing Director and Chairman of the Executive Committee Principal Capital Public Company Limited said, “The purchase of electricity in the Solar Rooftop from Sahacogen shows a strong alliance between Principal Healthcare and Ratch Group as a healthcare investment partner in all subsidiary level as well as a partner in clean energy technology with the same goal of creating sustainable growth which is related to the Sustainable Hospital goal of Principal Healthcare in 2023. The Solar Rooftop project for Healthcare hospitals is also aimed to widen the expansion its operations in the future. Last year, the group have managed the ESG and adjusted the waste management policy to Zero Waste Landfill with pilot hospitals in the group and continued to expand them until present enabling us to be able to use renewable energy as well as reducing the electricity cost.

Sahagogen (Chonburi) Public Company Limited will be the investor in the form of BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) and responsible for the construction of this Solar Rooftop project for hospitals under Principal Healthcare group before transferring the project to Principal Healthcare Co., LTD at the end of the contract. The total value of this project is worth approximately 250 million baht and is expected to produce more than 3 million units of electricity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 1,500 tons of carbon per year.