History of Sahacogen

Sahacogen and Affiliates

Sahacogen&Affiliates, operating energy business under Saha Group, includes Sahacogen (Chonaburi) Public Company Limited and its subsidiaries; Sahacogen Green Company Limited and Sahagreen Forest Company Limited.

Since 1999, the first cogeneration combined cycle power plant was established in Saha Group Industrial Park, Sriracha, Chonburi province. The plant had installed capacity of 122 Megawatts of electricity and 40 tons of steam per hour, using natural gas as a main fuel. 90 Megawatts of electricity is distributed to Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) under the Small Power Producers (SPP) program. It also supplies electricity and steam to Saha Pattana Inter-Holding Public Company Limited. Sahacogen registered as a public company on October 4, 2002 and expanded capacity to 174 Megawatts of electricity and 81 tons of steam per hour since 2004.

Due to the growing electricity usage from factories in Saha Group Industrial Park, Sriracha, the Company decided to expand of our third phase (III Project) combined-cycle cogeneration power plant. The power plant has the net capacity of 28.7 Megawatts (MW) of electricity and 15 tons of steam per hour. The project is completed and started commercial operation (COD) on November 20, 2018. Consequently, the total cogeneration capacity of the Company is now 202.7 MW of electricity and 96 tons of steam per hour.

Regarding business expansion, Sahacogen & Affiliates focus on renewable energy coupled with social business enterprise depending upon community, social and environmental responsibility.

Sahacogen Green Compan Limited was established to develop the cogeneration power plant with the installed capacity of 9.6 MW of electricity and 25 tons of steam per hour by utilizing biomass as the fuel. The plant has started commercial operation since March 2011 distributing electricity to the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) under Very Small Power Producers (VSPP) program and steam to the factories within Saha Group Industrial Park, Lamphun. Moreover, the company has planted 6,000 Rais of the fast-growing trees plantation as our sustainable biomass source.

The success of the renewable energy development and fast-growing tree plantations motivated Sahacogen to develop power plant project using eucalyptus bark and branches from the paper pulp production process of paper business of Siam Cement Group and other agro residues. Sahagreen Forest Company Limited was established for developing power plant with installed capacity of 7.5 Megawatts located in Prankratai district, Kamphaengphet province, The plant has started commercial operation since December 2012 distributing electricity to the PEA VSPP program.

The company has been focusing on moving towards green enery businesses. In 2017, the company had made a jointed-investment 21% in Impact Solar Co., Ltd. which is in solar rooftop business.