Sahacogen Bussiness Structure

Sahacogen Group Investment Policy

            The company considers investment and joint-investment opportunities based the synergy to current businesses, vision and mission. The focus of the businesses is providing the sustainable power sources for value to society. The return in terms of dividend is also one of the consideration criteria.

               Shareholding structure

Remark:  Voting rights in the subsidiaries and associates depends on shareholding proportion

SGN = Sahacogen Green Co., Ltd.  SGF = Sahagreen Forest Co., Ltd       SOL = Solarist Holding Co., Ltd.
ISL = Impact Solar Co., Ltd.             SFT = Siam Forestry Co., Ltd.             SOL-NY = Solarist Nongyuang Co., Ltd.
SOL-MP= Solarist Maepu Co., Ltd. SOL-NP = Solarist Namphu Co., Ltd. SOL-NS = Solarist Nonsi Co., Ltd.
SOL-KK = Solarist Kokha Co., Ltd.  SOL-NK = Solarist Nakaew Co., Ltd.  SOL-TF = Solarist Thungfai Co., Ltd.          SOL-BU = Solarist Banueam Co., Ltd.