Dividend policy

Sahacogen (Chonburi) PLC.

          The Company has a dividend policy to pay out at least 50% of its net profits of the consolidated financial statements attributable to equity holders of the Company in each accounting period. It might occasionally be waived or adjusted if the Board of Directors considers that there are conditions creating the maximum benefit to the shareholders, such as reserves for debt, or funding for business expansion, or serving any needs during the market changes causing adverse impact to the company’s cash flow in the future. Reference to the Articles of Association No. 34, each payout of the dividend is subject to the net profit of the company only. If the company retains loss, the dividend payment is prohibited. Upon approval by the Board of Directors, the annual dividend payout is to be presented to the shareholders’meeting for approval. However, the Board of Directors is authorized to pay an interim dividend and report such payout at the next shareholders’ meeting. As a rule, the company shall pay the dividend within one (1) month after the date of shareholders’ approval on the shareholders’ meeting or the Board of Directors’ meeting. (Details of dividend payment was disclosed on the annual statement (Form 56-1) in the section of dividend payment policy)

            Subsidiary Company

– The dividend payment policy of Sahacogen Green Co., Ltd.  is based on the result of their operation.

– The dividend payment policy of Sahagreen Forest Co., Ltd. is to pay out at least 50%  of its net profit according to the terms of the joint venture agreement.