In 2019, Sahacogen supported 13 Environmental activities, for increase engagement with communities and local government agencies. The total contributions were more than 1,182,761 Baht. Such as The Sharing Love to Upstream community project, the planting bamboo return to the forest project, and the giving bamboo trees to the forest project Etc.

  • The Sharing Love to upstream community Project

In 2019, The Company by Sahagreen Forest together with Volunteer network in Kamphaeng Phet province hosted the first project of “The Sharing Love to upstream community” at Loh Ko Village, Kosamphi Subdistrict, Samphi Nakhon District, Kamphaeng Phet Province. With the ceremony to deliver utilities improvement project. (Mountain Water Supply) The objective of this project is to develop basic public utility systems. Raising awareness on the conservation of upstream forest areas for communities Including promoting participation in water source development Conservation and rehabilitation of forest resources

            The Company emphasizes the importance of water resources management. As an important factor of the main raw material for electricity generation. Also giving importance to the upstream community

Who responsible for maintaining the upstream forest In order to have an abundance of natural resource. To live with the forests in sustainably.

  • planting bamboo return to the forest

Since 2018, Sahacogen Public Company Limited (Chon Buri) implemented projects in the area of ​​Chae Daeng District, Lampang Province. Together with Forest Resource Management office 3 (Lampang) gave 20,000 bamboo seedlings to Pha Chor villagers and Ban Huai Wad, Thung Phueng Subdistrict, Chae Hom District, Lampang Province for replacement in the degraded forest area of ​​1,000 rai. With the goal of restoring forest resources Including building careers and food sources from harvesting bamboo shoots and bamboo products for the community

              In 2019, The Company follow up on the project results in collaboration with forestry officials And the villagers who participated in the project. Count the survival rate of bamboo plants for 1 year. Along with provide a budget to support the maintenance of bamboo trees to members with a total value of over 100,000 baht.

“Formerly, this area grows corn. Because most villagers do not have land for farming. So, They have been cleared the forest to grow corn for sale. But when the government returned the area and the company also invited me to join the bamboo planting project, From then, I decided to join. After 1 year, seeing the bamboo plant growing, it is our pride and the hope of the family that Will be a career and income for the future ”Hearsay of Somnuk Aounlaum Project members

  • Giving bamboo trees to the forest

The Company together with Forest Resource Management office 3 (Lampang) hosted The Giving bamboo trees to the forest. By organize activities to give bamboo seedlings to villagers in the area of ​​Chae Hom District and Wang Nuea District, Lampang Province. In order to plant and restore forests as well as creating a career in the community by extending the use of the planted trees.

Project results in 2019, The Company donated 40,000 bamboo seedlings.

For 150 households to replace plants in degraded forest areas,

It covers an area of ​​approximately 225 rai, with a total value of over 1,000,000 baht.