Religion, Culture, and Local Traditions

Religion, culture and local traditions heritance fundamentally helps in strengthen the relationship among people in communities. To preserve and maintain various specific cultures as a traditional heritage for next generation, Sahacogen & Affiliates promotes activites in communities nearby the power plants in collaboration with all sectors. Throughout the year 2015, the organization of religious activities were “Buddhist Lent Day”, “End of Buddhist Lent Day”, and traditional activities in Chonburi were “Songkran Festival”, “Loy Krathong”, “Buffalo Racing”, “Seafood Festival”, “Ritural of Rice Goddess Worship, Mae Phosop”, and “Rice Harvest Tradition”. Moreover, the traditional activities in Lamphun and Kamphaengphet also proceeded. The former were “Bathing Relic”, “Poi Luang Ceremony”, and “Water Angel Worship”. The latter were “Religious Festival: Ngan Bun Klang Ban” and “Nop Phra Len Phleng Festival”