Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

  1. Good Governance: Sahacogen does business in accordance with the good corporate governance principles, ethics, moral, social benefits and stakeholders’ fair treatment. The company also focuses on increasing its values and supporting the company sustainable growth.
  2. Anti Corruption: Transparency, integrity and justice are the essence of Sahacogen’s business operation. Illegal and immoral practices are not acceptable.
  3. Human Rights: Sahacogen supports the human rights protection. All stakeholders and other people will be equally treated regardless of gender, skin color, race, religion, personal belief.
  4. Labor Practices: Sahacogen provides fair employee benefits and welfares according to the labor laws and occupational health and safety management principles.
  5. Consumers and Suppliers: Sahocogen is continually developing the operational system to efficiently deliver good quality products and services to customers. We treat our suppliers with fair trades. Moreover, we are focusing on building long term relationships with customers and suppliers.
  6. Environment: Sahacogen promotes the best use of all types of resources. We ensure the compliance in environmental friendly procedures and greenhouse gases management in accordance with laws and regulations strictly related to reduce the risk and negative effects from our operation. We also help to preserve the local ecology systems and communities environment to be sustainable.
  7. Community Involvement and Development: Sahacogen supports the local development in terms of education, economy and living quality. We encourage our staff to regularly participate in public benefit and local traditional activities.
  8. Innovation and Dissemination : Sahacogen gives collaborative supports to local communities and local educational institutions to conduct studies in raw material productivity improvement, using by-products in creating new inventions, and also practically promote such ideas and practices to the local communities.