Business Continuity Management Policy

Sahocogen (Chonburi) Public Company Limited and subsidiary companies focus on being the power and stream generator that provide secure source of power without the interruption. The company has prepared the readiness to respond in the crisis situation with the business continuity management or BCM. The indicators of the interruption were set to include factors affecting business operation in every dimension such as, the incidents that are causing death and harmful to the assets, and the incident that block the service delivery to clients. The business continuity plan will help in creating the company’s ability to cope with the unexpected situation and returning to normal operation within the optimal period of time. The contingency plan will also help minimizing impact to the organization. The objectives of the plan can be summarized as follow.

  1. To protect safety of employees, and company’s assets
  2. To use as the guideline for the business continuity
  3. To create the readiness to respond to the crisis or disaster
  4. To minimize the impact from business interruption
  5. To minimize the significant loss to be within the acceptable level
  6. To maintain stakeholders’ trust and business’s potential

Sahacogen (Chonburi) Public Company Limited and subsidiary companies have announced the policy of business continuity management (BCM) as follow.

  1. The company focuses on creating the business continuity system based on the standard and best practice.
  2. The company appointed Business Continuity Management Committee (BCM Committee) that is responsible for managing the overall business continuity of the organization
  3. The company promoted the awareness of business continuity concepts among employees at all level to create the understanding and plan the preventive measure that leads to the effective implementation. The company also focused on the plan review, plan improvement and plan practice on regular basis to create the corporate culture.

The managements and all employees must be engaged into the action plan to reach the designated objectives of the business continuity management.

(Mr. Suthep Dansiriviroj)
Chairman of the Corporate Governance and Risk Management Committee     
Announced on March 3, 2020